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"Your case will be reviewed by a Harvard trained attorney who is also a Board Certified Physician. Guaranteed." Devesh Tiwary, MD, JD

Medical Malpractice

Has your life changed forever because of Medical Malpractice? Have you lost a loved one due to Medical Negligence?

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There is no cost to you unless there is a recovery.

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Why TiMedLaw?

Because you get the benefit of Dr Tiwary's training, experience and individual attention. He is a medical malpractice attorney who graduated from Harvard Law School, as well as a Board Certified General Surgeon.


  • MD - University of California San Diego School of Medicine
  • JD - Harvard Law School


  • Reviewed over 1000 cases for medical negligence.
  • Past Emergency and Trauma Surgeon at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville.

Individual Attention

Dr. Tiwary chooses to practice in a small office environment so he can provide
individual attention to his clients. He handles:

  • Only Medical Malpractice cases.
  • Only on behalf of injured patients.
  • Only in Florida.


TiMedLaw is located in Clearwater, but has clients throughout Florida