Lawsuit: How it works

We file a lawsuit or a complaint with the court and send a copy to the defendant (the person being sued).

In those papers, we name the people responsible as well as the companies they worked for, and a summary of the events and negligent acts.

The defense responds, agreeing or denying each point. The companies are vicariously liable for the actions of their employees, just as a car company is responsible if its engineers or mechanics carelessly create a defective car.

We formally interview each defendant, sometimes on videotape. This interview, called a deposition, is typed out. The deposition transcripts are then sent to our experts. The defense deposes you too.

Each side can depose the other side's experts. We try to set another mediation in which we show your story using medical records and depositions. If there is no settlement, then we prepare for trial, the fourth stage.

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