Documents for Clients

These documents will help you during the process.

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You need Adobe Reader, available free, to read and print them out.

  • Authorization: to give a health care provider permission to discuss your medical condition with TiMedLaw.
  • Ask the provider to discuss your condition with Dr. Tiwary when you authorize it
  • Fill out the top: your name, address, date of birth, SS#
  • Sign and date the bottom
  • Put the provider's name in Paragraph 5
  • Check the last box in Paragraph 6: The health care provider may discuss my medical conditions, history and records with Devesh Tiwary, MD, JD.
  • Send the form to the provider
  • Email Dr. Tiwary that you have sent the authorization to the provider
  • Petition to extend the deadline for filing a suit by 90 days, and a version you can edit.
  • You need to file it in person or by certified mail with the Clerk of the Circuit Court where the negligence occurred,
  • Enclose the filing fee, currently $42, but check with the Clerk.
  • The Florida Supreme Court maintains a list of the Circuit Courts.

The information you obtain here is not legal advice. Consult an attorney (preferably TiMedLaw!) regarding your own situation.