Do I Have A Case?

Medical malpractice and medical negligence mean the same thing: a health care provider was careless, and that carelessness injured a patient.

Not all bad results are due to malpractice.

Over the years Dr. Tiwary has fine tuned a process to determine whether to pursue a case.

You can help by gathering answers to these questions.

  • Was a provider careless? Dr. Tiwary looks to guidelines, standards, his experience and his colleagues to determine this.
  • Did the carelessness harm you? If there had been no carelessness, how would things be different for your today and in the future? If things would not have been different, or if things would have been different only in the past, then often there is not enough damage to make it practical to pursue a case.
  • Is there anyone who can bring a claim? In Florida that person and their spouse are usually the only people who can file a medical malpractice claim. In case of death, only the spouse or a child younger than 25 or otherwise dependent can file a claim.
  • Did it happen too long ago? There are time-limits; in Florida, you usually have 2 years to be aware of the carelessness.

Even if we can't take on a case, you can file a complaint - see the Links Page

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