Refer Your Med-Mal Clients to TiMed Law

The Right Choice for You:

TiMedLaw does only medical malpractice plaintiffs' side work. Because of this, you can be secure that your clients will be referred back to you if any other types of legal issues arise.

Of course, you will get the appropriate referral fee. You choose the level of your continued involvement in the case.

Dr. Tiwary has:

  • Evaluated over a thousand medical malpractice cases in the last five years.
  • Analyzed this experience and created a standard procedure to evaluate medical malpractice cases.

Most medical malpractice cases fit into one or more of 10 fact patterns. Because of this standard procedure, Dr.Tiwary's experience and medical resources (colleagues and references), typically decide whether to pursue a case the same day he gets the crucial information.

The right choice for your clients:

What you can tell your clients about Dr. Tiwary when you refer your clients:

  • Graduated from Harvard Law school.
  • Elected chief of surgery at a major metropolitan hospital (St. Petersburg General Hospital).
  • Was the emergency and trauma surgeon at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville.
  • Performed over 6,000 operations, including over 700 patient encounters in 2007.
  • Will personally review every case.

Board Certified Surgeon Available for Review

Dr. Tiwary is a board certified general and trauma surgeon. He is available for expert review, deposition and trial testimony on either side. Click here to learn more about his experience.